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Virtue Magna Loader Upgrade Board

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The Virute Magna Loader board will increase the peformance in any of these loaders from Speed, Torque, Anti Jam and Battery consumption. Easily installs into the loader and uses the same plug adapters that the original board uses. Plugs and plays easily if you do not wish to explore the programmable features. The programmable features on the board will help customize the loader into feeding the exact way you want it to feed, more speed, more torque and even now RF adaptable. Plug this into your board and feel your rate of fire in your marker increase dramatically.


  • Optimizes all components in your loader to give a faster feed rate the originally possible
  • Multi Sensor Technology, uses eyes, sound or agitation to have the loader feed
  • Jam Detection and Auto un-Jam
  • RF Adaptable
  • USB Upgradeable with Virtue USB Adapter Board
  • Improved Battery Life consumption

**Will only work with Magna loaders due to their plug configuration

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