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Virtue Ego11/Geo2/Geo2.1 OLED Board

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The Virtue OLED Board gives Ego11/Geo2/Geo2.1 owners the ability to shoot faster, program their markers easier with the clear bright OLED screen! With a faster processor chip in the board, it can easily do calculations faster and able to keep up to your finger speed to make sure a shot is made with each trigger pull. OLED display screen shows battery life, Rate of Fire meter, Lube Monitor and eye status, that is displayed on a brightly lit Organice Display Screen that is unaffected by sunlight and uses less battery. DT Technology can help you on/off field training to help you do drills to increase your skills and dominate the game! 


  • OLED Display Shows off Rate of Fire, Lube Monitor & Eye Status
  • Faster Processor speeds to keep up with your fingers to track easy track every shot pulled
  • 11 Fully Adjustable Modes of Fire: PSP, Semi-Auto, NXL, Auto Response and etc
  • 8 Drill Modes
  • Easy Program mode
  • First Shot Drop Off
  • Forced Shot w/ Eye Enabled
  • Tournament Lock
  • Saved Setting Profiles
  • Instant On and Auto Shut Off
  • LED Status Display
  • Direct Replacement from Stock Board 
  • Compatible with Ego11, Geo2 & Geo2.1

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