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Virtue Clock Paintball Chronograph

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The Virtue Paintball Chronograph has been designed to be a paintball only chronograph that can give you a wide range of readings while helping you keep track of your timing and lets you run your field more efficiently. The chronograph works just like a normal chronograph as the barrel rest on the top of the Clock but can give you the Peak/AVG FPS & BPS up to 15 shots, this can see if your gun is shooting consistently and able to scroll through the readings on each shot. The included game timer and break timer will help you keep track how long left in the game for your refs to keep running games on time and also an additional "break" timer to keep your day scheduled to the point! The screen is an OLED display that shows all the information brightly while keeping great battery life and shows easily if the sun is out, also the screen is replacable unlike other chronographs while makes repairing this chronograph possible instead of having to purchase a whole brand new unit. The allen key holder at the base of the grip lets refs or players keep allen keys close and securely if pressure adjustments are needed. The lanyard/sling loop on the grip allows refs/players to keep this chronograph around your neck to make sure it's always there. The weaver rail at the trigger guard allows accessories such as flashlights if you plan to use this chronograph at night time games or indoors where light isn't available. The tripod mounting screw allows it to be mounted easily on a stand and laptop lock hole can keep this on a table instead of walking away. Pick up this chronograph today and find that you have the most advance piece of technology next to your gun for the sport of paintball.


  • Egronomically designed and simple to use chronograph
  • Hold down the trigger with the barrel rested on the groove to find their FPS/BPS for 15 shots
  • 4 - AA Battery powered
  • OLED Display Screen shows all reading easily and can be replaced if broken
  • Allen Key Holder at base of the grip
  • Lanyard/Sling loop near the grip
  • Weaver Base near trigger guard allows flashlights or other accessories to be mounted
  • Tripod mounting screw allows the tripod to be mounted to a reasonable height instead of being carried
  • Laptop lock hole enables the owner to lock  in place just in case the chronograph decides to go for a walk
  • Game Timer and Break Timer allows field owners to efficiently run their fields or tournaments
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