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Violent Luxe Delrin Trigger - Scythe

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The Violent Series trigger for the DLX Luxe gives you the ability to achieve higher rates of fire with a ultra lightweight trigger that provides a smooth trigger pull with it's dual precision bearings. The lightweight trigger helps give a snappy feel that allows for faster trigger pulls for increase rates of fire! The dual precision bearings allow for an ultra smooth trigger pull making it feel organic that can help you develop a rhythm for faster rates of fire! The radius face along the front of the trigger makes it smooth area to pull with your fingers that helps you increase your overall comfort with the gun. The Delrin material allows the trigger to take unique shapes but still retains an excellent strength making it durable while light! Pick this trigger and install it on your gun to help get that increase rate of fire while making it more comfortable to grip your gun!


  • Increase your rate of fire with a Violent Series Delrin Trigger
  • Lightweight trigger makes the trigger feel and move more responsive as less weight helps you move the trigger faster!
  • Dual Precision Bearings gives a smooth trigger pull for a organic feel and faster trigger pulls
  • Radius faced trigger makes the trigger comfortable to pull instead of the standard sharp edges
  • Delrin offers the ability to be lightweight and durable
  • Post and Pre Travel adjustments for customize trigger pull lengths also magnetic and microswitch activation
  • Bearing Shims included to reduce amount of side to side trigger movement
  • Sycthe trigger is a smooth and sleek design that is smooth and responsive

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