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VForce Profiler Dual Pane Thermal Lens - Clear

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The VForce Profiler thermal lens combines both the ThermoCured antifog coating and dual pane technology for the ultimate defense against fogging! The AntiScratch coating helps provide the lens with a lasting quality against paintball impacts and against the bushes so your lens can keep it free from physical damage for a more lasting effect! Pick this up and upgrade your VForce Profiler and Shield Paintball Goggle into the idea piece of equipment free from fog and scratches!


  • Thermal lens helps eliminates 80% of all fog issues with having two lenses with an air pocket in between to prevent fog issues for a clearer range of vision
  • ThermoCured antifog coating is the industry leader to keep the fogging to a minimum on the lens
  • AntiScratch coating on the outside of the lens keeps your lens free from physical scratches from the rough brush and paintball impacts that helps keep your lens clear
  • Compatible with only the VForce Profiler and Shield Goggle system
  • Clear lens helps makes your forget you are even looking through a paintball goggle


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