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Tippmann X7 Phenom E-Grip Kit

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The X7 Phenom E-Grip Kit will allow players to take their Mechanical Phenom paintball markers into a select fire trigger system allowing for single semi-automatic mechanical shooting or fully automatic electrionic grip system. The E-Trigger is truely unique as the trigger system uses both mechanical and electronic firing mechanism as the electronic firing sequence is use only if the marker is programed to shoot fully automatic or burst mode. The Semi Automatic is unique as it does not use any electricity from the 9V battery to allow the marker to shoot, as this is truely useful if you have a dead battery issue during a critical point of the game! Installs in minutes as a direct replacement and one of the most highly recommended upgrades for your X7 Phenom Mechanical.


  • Full Automatic or Burst Modes enabled
  • Uses 9V Batteries
  • Semi Automatic does not use any electronic features
  • Install in Minutes
  • Selector Switch allows players to change modes on the fly

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