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Tippmann X7 Adjustable Folding Foregrip - WeaverBase

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The Tippmann X7 Adjustable Vertical Foregrip can adjust in 5 different position that can be folded, angled and stood striaght up at each side. Created specifically for the Tippmann X7 but able to mount on any weaver/picatinny 7/8" rail system. The other features on the vertical foregrip is that there are two areas for pressure switchs to sit in perfectly to help you have quick access to your lasers or flashlights possibly both. At the end screw cap, is a perfect storage area for batteries that you would need for your electronic loaders, fits perfectly AA or AAA batteries. Egronomical finger groves help you quickly figure out how to position your fingers for comfort and marker handling.


  • Weaver/Picatinny 7/8" mounting base that goes perfectly with the Tippmann X7 stock shroud or any weaver shroud system
  • 5 adjustable position foregrip that can fold in both ways
  • Battery storage area at the screw in end cap fits AA or AAA batteries
  • Slide panels on the grip fits pressure switches for quick easy activation for your flashlights or lasers

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