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Tippmann TiPX Holster - Digi Camo

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The TiPX Holster Allows players to easily carry that TiPX Pistol with additional mag & 5 co2 cartridges on your thigh either right or the left side. The Holster is removable from the strap that allows players to switch between depending on their dependant hand. Adjustable thigh straps allows adjustments to be made to make the holster to fit on the thigh as close or loose as possible. Hangs off the belt on the top strap to easily hold up the holster along you. Front mounted Pouch holding up to 5 co2 catridges and a side pouch to hold 1 additional magazine. Heavy Duty Construction for Tippmann style duability! Keep your side arm close and accessible by picking this up for your TPX Pistol or at the same time!


  • Ambidextrous TiPX Holster allows players to holster their pistol on either side of you
  • Heavy Duty construction living up to the Tippmann name of duability
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap with snap button release to hold your pistol in
  • Adjustable leg straps to secure loose or tightly about your thigh
  • Adjustable belt strap to adjust how high your holster can be placed on the side
  • Holds up to 5 additional Co2 Cartridges on the Front Pouch
  • Holds 1 additional magazine on the side


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