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Tippmann TiPX Deluxe Parts Kit

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Keep the Tippmann TiPX as reliable as ever by doing regular maintenance and servicing. Pick this Parts kit that includes all the small parts that could be easily lost or worn out whenever your marker starts to drop it's performance. Comes in a Parts kit that has separated sections to keep the parts easy to locate!


  • Includes up to 65 parts to help keep your marker running as smooth as possible!
  • Features a small compact parts carrying kit that has separated sections to keep parts organized and easy to access

Parts Include:

  • 02-40 A5 Barrel O-Ring x 1
  • 02-88 Electronic Sear Spring x 2
  • 18-PA O-Ring Tank Valve Urethane x 1
  • 98-01A Bolt LHSHCS x 4
  • 98-12A O-Ring Cast Urethane x 1
  • FA-07 O-Ring Safety x 1
  • FA-18 Ball Latch (Orange) x 1
  • TA02060 Hex Nut Black x 7
  • TA07074 Bolts LHSHCS x 1
  • TA2005 T19 Actuator Pin x 1
  • TA2008 T19 O-Ring Cast Urethane x 2
  • TA20010 T19 O-Ring x 1
  • TA20015 T19 Compression Spring x 1
  • TA20030 T19 Firing Valve Pin Guide x 1
  • TA20031 T19 Puncture Pin x 1
  • TA20034 T19 12gram Puncture Seal x 1
  • TA20036 T19 LHSHCS x 2
  • TA20039 T19 Puncture Pin Cap x 1
  • TA20041 T19 O-Ring Cast Urethane x 1
  • TA20042 T19 Magazine Release Actuator x 1
  • TA20043 T19 Breech Window x 2
  • TA20046 T19 O-Ring Buna x 1
  • TA20047 T19 O-Ring E.P x 2
  • TA20048 T19 Compression Spring x 1
  • TA20049 T19 O-Ring Cast Urethane x 1
  • TA20051 T19 Compression Spring x 1
  • TA20063 T19 SHCS x 2
  • TA20063 T19 Co2 Cap Retainer Pin
  • TA20067 T19 Regulator Compression Spring x 1
  • TA20068 T19 Pressure Relief Set Screw x 1
  • TA20070 T19 O-Ring x 1
  • TA20096 T19 Custom O-Ring x 1
  • TA20118 T19 Pressure Relief Seal Guide Complete x 1
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