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Tippmann Bravo/Alpha 98/A5 Collapsible Folding Stock

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The Tippmann Bravo/Alpha 98 Collapsible Folding Stock is fully adjustable 6 position with a folding ability to keep things compact. The 6 Position collapsible stock helps accomodate all players arms lengths or what kind of play type from CQB or long range firing. The folding ability of stocks will help you play in extremely tight situations and also help for easy packing away in your gear bag. The Tippmann stock is also hollowed out to help prevent weigh down on to your marker when attached to marker. Each stock comes included the a Tippmann 98 stock adaptor that will work with both ACT and non ACT markers.


  • Tippmann stock that allows the Bravo/Alpha and 98 markers to have a great feel in your hands
  • 6 Position collapsible stock help accomadates all arm lengths or different firing positions
  • Folding stock allows you to play in extremely tight positions and helps for easy packing in your gear bag
  • Hollowed out stock helps decrease weight without sacrificing stock strength
  • Now compatible with Tippmann A5 markers with included adapter
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