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Tippmann A5/X7/BT Sniper Barrel

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The Tippmann Sniper Barrel allows for paintballs to fly straighter and more accurately in the air to help you rack up the kills in a game. The barrel is micro-honed for a polish finish within the barrel that gives it a smooth and clean finish for those accurate shots on the field. Decide on 14" or 16" for your gun to help give it that intimidating look or help keep you mobile by not having your barrels knock on all the trees. Pick this up for your marker and get that accuracy you are always looking for!


  • Increases your accuracy that increases your kills per game
  • Micro-Honed polish within the barrel for high accuracy
  • Compatible with: Tippmann A5/Tippmann X7/Tippmann X7 Phenom/All BT Paintball Guns

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