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Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel Platinum Series

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The Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel increases the range of your shots up to 100 feet. Play the sniper paintball role on the field by having an increase range and pick off your opponents one by one. The flatline barrel causes a back spin to the ball that makes the ball fly either a more flat trajectory or rises the paintball in the air and drops the paintballs right on target. This is a unique system that Tippmann paintball has with their first party upgrade. Pick this up and get the quality and distance you are looking for on the field and get to the point of eliminating opponents. 


  • Increase the range of your paintball marker by up to 100 feet
  • Start playing that favoured Sniper Role
  • Puts a back spin to the paintball that helps make the distance increase
  • Tactical 7/8" Rail on the top of the barrel allows for red dots, flash lights, lasers or scopes to be mounted
  • Smooth flat angled surface all for a comfortable foregrip for accurate shooting
  • Fits only on Platinum Series Tippmann 98

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