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TechT iFit Marker Barrel Adapter - CCI Phantom

Model #: iFIT068  
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The TechT Boring Kit needs to use a Marker Barrel Adapter. By inserting the insert through the front, this insert is one of the first area to ensure each paintball will closely fit at the beginning of the barrel. The most interesting thing about this product that it is not a aftermarket barrel that uses te inserts, it is a piece that fits in between the marker and the barrel. Any barrel with the same threading as the marker will screw in easily, ranging from stock barrels to even aftermarket barrels. Increase your accuracy with this and the boring kit.


  • Necessary item to pick up to use the TechT Bore Insert Kits
  • Matte Black Finish with Laser Engraving to easily identify
  • Fits in Tech T Bore Insert Kit for safe keeping
  • Inserts feed from the front
  • Adapter fits all markers that allows CCI Phantom Threading

** Note: Necessary item to use with the Insert Kit

TechT iFit Marker Barrel Adapter - CCI Phantom Upgrades and Accessories
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