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TechT iFit Boring Insert Kit - 9 Piece

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The TechT Boring Kit will help you get that extra edge over your other players. By Sizing the paintballs through it's sized inserts. The inserts range from their inner diameter through it's thousandths of inches. By properly sizing the paint to the insert this will help prevent air from passing by each paintball that is fired. If air does pass by unevenly each shot can give the paintball a spin that will cause the paint to not fly accurately. This kit includes the bore sizes: 0.692, 0.685, 0.682, 0.679, 0.676, 0.673, 0.670, 0.667. The TechT Boring Kit are the inserts themselves, a TechT Insert Adapter must be used.


  • Size your paint to increase your accuracy, no box of paint is exactly the same size
  • Each insert is annodized a different colour and lazered engrave for easy identification
  • Compact Kit helps keep your inserts protected
  • Polished inner diameter to ensure a frictionless surface

 ** Note TechT Barrel Insert Adapter must be purchased to be used

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