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TechT X7 Phenom Stainless Steel Gauge Pin

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TechT Paintball has always been innovative on upgrades that will help you improve your game also keeping your gun performing to it's maximum potential. The TechT X7 Phenom Gauge gives players the ability to keep an eye out what their gun is operating at to make sure it is performing optimally and works as a first indicator if your gun needs to be serviced! This gauge can be used during play or inserted when you are doing maintenance, pick this gauge up for your Tippmann X7 Phenom and keep it working just like new!


  • Keep your Tippmann X7 Phenom working just like new
  • Gauge can be used as a first indicator that you marker is needing servicing if pressures are not where they should be
  • Stainless steel gauge makes the TechT Phenom Gauge as strong as the gun itself
  • Can be used during play so you can always know if your gun is working optimally

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