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TechT Tippmann Zero Kick Hammer SE

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The TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE gives Tippmann players a huge advantage over their other Tippmann paintball guns just in sheer terms of higher rates of fire and dramatically reduce recoil for add accuracy. The TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE gives players a lighter hammer from stock that weighs at 66.7 grams compared to stock, which is 141.3 grams that is just over 50% in weight reduction! With the TechT Zero Kick Hammer weighing above half the weight from stock, this means less recoil as there is less mass movement within the gun which helps increase your accuracy instead of constantly adjusting it due to high kick/recoil during firing. Another point with the reduction in mass movement within the gun with the TechT Zero Kick Hammer, this allows the hammer to move faster as less weight means easier to move which results in slightly higher rates of fire! This zero kick hammer is an easy to install upgrade into your gun as it is simply a replacement part to swap out without needing to make any other adjustments. If you do find your marker not cycling correctly you will need to install the TechT Weight Kick.


  • Reduce the amount of recoil in your gun during a firing cycle that allows for increase accuracy
  • Increase your rates of fire with a lighter hammer as lighter hammer is easier to be moved within the gun
  • Simple installation as a direct replacement part from stock hammer
  • Compatible markers: Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 (Non Phenom), Tippmann Gyphon, Tippmann 98 (Non ACT), BT-4 Combat & BT Delta series

**Note: TechT Weight kit may need to be purchased if marker is not cycling properly

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