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TechT Tippmann Crossover MRT H.E. Bolt

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The TECHT Crossover MRT H.E. Bolt will give you the added edge over other Crossover users in terms of performance, consistency and air efficiency. With the  MRT (Mass Reduction Technology) the new bolt is 56% lighter weighing at 15.8grams compared to the stock bolt at 36.1 grams. With the TechT Crossover bolt in terms of weight reduction this will allow the player to use a lower operating pressure that means more air efficiency and also softer on paintballs when it is shot. The Soft Touch Face gives a gentle cup action on the paintball so it seats correctly giving an accurate and consistent pressure on the ball for accurate shooting and also softer on paintballs so you don't suffer with barrel breaks. The HE Stem design featured inside the bolt has a double o-ring sail that seals the stem that prevent wasted air from leaking out thus gives it more efficiency which gives you more shots out of your tank and less trips to the fill station. Pick up this bolt and install it to see instant results!


  • Increase the performance out of the Tippmann Crossover by installing this simple bolt upgrade
  • Easy to install on your next maintenance cycle as it is a direct replacement from the stock bolt with minor adjustments needed
  • HE Stem increases air efficiency for more shots out of your tank and less trips to the fill stations
  • 56% lighter then stock bolt reduces amount of kick from the stock bolt
  • Soft Face tip bolt reduces barrel breaks so you can keep shooting accurately at your opponents
  • Smooth surface bolt has less drag and allows the marker to operate at lower pressures for increase air efficiency
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