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TechT Tippmann 98/A5/X7 Cyclone Squishy Paddles - DS+

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The TechT Squishy Paddles for your cyclone feed system helps prevent your loader in becoming a blender instead of a feeder. Easily installs in the cyclone feed system in seconds with two choices of the top portion of the paddles. The two different styles of the paddles allow users to choose either faster feeding or less pop corn effect to get more consistent feed. Must need item for all users of the Cyclone Feed System for their Tippmann markers. 


  • Soft paddles to help feed in paint gently without causing breaks
  • Easy installation that doesn't require you to take the whole entire gun apart for installation!
  • Must need accessory for all cyclone feed systems
  • Two different top paddles for different styles
  • Taller Paddle for more consistent feed
  • Shorter Paddle for faster feed rates

TechT Tippmann 98/A5/X7 Cyclone Squishy Paddles - DS+ Upgrades and Accessories
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TechT Tippmann 98/A5/X7 Cyclone Squishy Paddles - DS+ Reviews