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TechT TPX MRT H.E Pro Series Bolt Delrin

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The TechT continues their mass reduction technology (MRT) in almost all their bolts to help reduce recoil and ball breaks while increasing air efficiency with it's light weight. The Tippmann TPX pistols is now a high demand secondary pistol and widely used by tactical scenario players when thigns get tough! The TechT TPX MRT bolt is a light weight bolt system that is constructed from a delrin material with a combination of aircraft aluminum to help keep it's structure strength. The bolt with it's reduced weight now produces less recoil with less mass needing to move that results in lower operating pressure for increased air efficiency! The soft faced bolt tip decreases ball breakage with a rubber tip that cushions the paintballs from the high impact everytime you pull the trigger. The TPX Bolt is a great upgrade for players looking to get the most out of their pistol for performance, accuracy and reliability.

Note: The TechT MRT Bolt Tip O-Ring can dislodge and fall out. Replacements are available for purchase.


  • Light weight bolt for increase performance
  • Bolt weighs at 10.6grams compared to 36.8grams with stock bolt
  • Delrin and aluminum combination for light weight and strength
  • Soft Faced bolt for reduction of ball breaks at time of firing
  • Increase Air Efficiency with less mass
  • Decrease Recoil force that increase accuracy for more kills 

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