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TechT Gun Sav - High Performance Grease

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Need a lube that will stay your o-ring after a couple weeks of intense play? The TechT Gun Sav lube has a lower friction rate then any other allowing you to use more optimal settings on your marker to make it run more efficent and a smooth shot each time. Applies to most mid to higher end guns that use grease instead of oil.


  • Comes in a convient 1 oz case with a attach snap lid that prevents lube from escaping the container
  • Lower friction values in the lube allow the marker to cycle at more efficient rates and a smoother shot
  • To be used on mid to higher end markers that need grease and not oil
  • Perfect lubrication for Dye Matrix, Invert/Empire Mini, Empire Axe, MacDev Clone/Drone, Planet Eclipse Geo & Proto Rail/Reflex

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