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TechT Empire Axe/Mini Bolt - Gold

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The TechT MRT Empire Axe/Mini bolt makes your gun into the ultimate machine gun on the field by increasing your air efficiency and accuracy. The TechT Mass Reduction Technology (MRT) bolt increases the performance out of your gun being lighter than your stock bolt as now less mass is needed to move the bolt. With less air needing to move the bolt you are able to lower your operating pressure on the gun means more shots out of your tank and less trips to the fill station! The different cut on the bolts near the rear yielded better results on the terms of air efficiency by having a better seal that results in better air efficiency and consistent performance! Pick this up and get your Empire Mini and Axe shooting more accurately and shoot more paintballs per game to make it rain!


  • MRT bolts weigh almost half the weight from the stock bolt increases air efficiency and accuracy on your gun 
  • Reduce the amount of recoil your gun produces that gives you more accurate shooting!
  • Less weight on the bolt requires less air to move it giving an increase of air efficiency for more shots per tank fill
  • Easy to install direct replacement from the stock bolt, pressure adjustments may need to be done after installation
  • Compatible markers: Empire Axe and Empire Mini

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