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TechT Empire Axe/Mini Bolt - Delrin

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The TechT MRTv2 is a mass reduction technology (version 2) bolt that allows for player to reach better performance on their Empire Axe or Empire Mini. The TechT Empire Mini/Axe bolt has a reduction of weight that is 5.6grams which is 60% lighter from the stock bolt, this produces a lower recoil bolt that allows for more accurate shooting. The bolt features a front seal, with various of testing they have found that the player receives an extra 15 feet per second (FPS) which allows the players to lower their operating pressure for added air efficiency that gives more shots per tank fill that makes you take less trips to the fill station! The MRTv2 bolt also with its front seal gives more consistent shooting which gives you a steadier stream of paintballs that makes you gun shoot as straight as arrows for those headshots you have been looking for! Pick up the TechT MRTv2 bolt today and slap it in, make some minor adjustments and see your gun undergo a transformation that gives you unheard of performance!


  • Upgrade your Empire Mini or Empire Axe into the ultimate shooting machine gun!
  • Reduction of weight results in lower recoil for added accuracy 
  • Bolt weighs 5.6grams which is over 60% lighter than the stock bolt
  • Front seal adds 15 fps to the gun which allows for lower operating pressure for increase air efficiency which means less trips to the air fill station
  • Redesign seals gives more consistent shooting giving you the same shot over and over again reardless of the rate of fire you achieve!
  • Easy to install bolt upgrade as a direct replacement from stock with some minor adjustments in opreating pressure

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Installation Part 2
Installation Part 3

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