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Tactical-Mod Tippmann A5 HK416 Upgrade Kit

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The Tactical-Mod HK416 Upgrade kit will take your Tippmann A5 (2011 Edition) and turn it into a gun that looks close to the HK 416 rifle. The kit adapts to the Tippmann A5 and doesn't need any custom modifications but only a few stock items taken off i.e. Front Sight Post and Foregrip, which makes this kit very easy to install! The kit includes: 416 Shroud, Gas Through Magazine & 1 Adjustable Butt Stock. The 416 shroud features a modular weaver rail system that allows you to attach tactical upgrades such as foregrips, lasers or lasers on your paintball gun while a long rail runs along the top for red dot or scope attachments! This is an amazing upgrade kit that takes minutes to install and increases your badass factor 3 fold after you are done!


  • Transform your Tippmann A5 (2011 Edition) into a replica HK 416 rifle
  • Installs easily as you only need to take off the front sight post, fore grip and cyclone and slaps on instantly
  • Modular 4 weaver rail on the shroud allows for tactical attachments to be installed to help improve your game and look of your gun
  • Long extended rail cover on the paintball gun allows you to attach red dots, scopes and carry handles to help increase accuracy and milsim look
  • Mock M4/M16 gas through magazines adds a realistic look on to your gun while providing a comfortable place to put your hand for added accuracy
  • Adjustable butt stock can accommodate a wide range of arm lengths while helping you displace the recoil the gun fires for increase accuracy that will add to your head shot count!
  • Matte black finish for a ninja stealth look

**Note: Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun is not included

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