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Tactical-Mod Tippmann A5 G36 Upgrade Kit

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The Tactical-Mod G36 Upgrade kit for the Tippmann A5 will turn your regular plain gun into a tactical styled marker that will impress friends and intimidate opponents. The kit includes a G36 Shroud, Folding Stock and Mock G36 bullet magazine, which is everything you need to get your gun looking like the real thing. The G36 shroud takes a bit to install but is worth the time and effort with its realistic look. The shroud features long weaver rails along the top and three at the front. Weaver rails allow for tactical attachments such as red dot, scopes, foregrips, flashlights and lasers, this will add to the look of your gun while giving you the edge you need! The folding Tippmann A5 stock makes the gun easier to shoot with the recoil of the gun getting absorbed into your shoulder. The stock also folds for CQB situations or packing the gun away. The G36 mock bullet magazine gives the gun a comfortable place to put your other hand for added stable shooting for better accuracy! Pick up the G36 Upgrade Kit for your Tippmann A5 and make your gun into a battle master machine!


  • Tactical Milsim Upgrade Kit for your Tippmann A5
  • Make your Tippmann A5 look like a HK G36 Rifle
  • Weaver rails on the shroud allow for tactical attachments like foregrips, flash lights, lasers, red dots and scopes
  • G36 mock bullet magazine is a comfortable place for your hand for more stable shooting
  • G36 folding stock creates a stable platform for accurate shooting while also being able to fold away for CQB fighting or packing the gun up for the day
  • Dust Black colour finish for custom paint work on the shroud


  • Tactical Mod G36 Tippmann A5 Shroud
  • Tactical Mod G36 Tippmann A5 Mock Bullet Magazine
  • Tactical Mod G36 Tippmann A5 Folding Stock

**Note: Tippmann A5 paintball gun or CP barrel is not included

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