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Tactical-Mod Tippmann A5 G36 Bullet Magazine

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The Tactical-Mod G36 Magazine is a great lightweight gas through magazine helps give your Tippmann A5 that military appeal that everyone loves. Easily attaches to the Tippmann A5 2K11 version with the HE E-Grip and installs in minutes! 


  • Lightweight attachment doesn't weigh your gun down so it doesn't decrease your mobility
  • G36 style magazine attachment gives your gun a more realistic appeal
  • Make your gun look like it uses bullets instead of paintballs!
  • Plastic Polymer Construction gives the magazine makes it durable against the outdoor terrain
  • Installs in minutes requiring no custom modifications to your Tippmann A5
  • Great comfortable large foregrip help you increase your accuracy to get those head shots
  • Fits on Tippmann A5 Serial # 525,000+

**Note: Tippmann A5 gun is not included

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