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Tactical-Mod RIS Universal Barrel Handguard

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The Tactical-Mod RIS Universal Barrel Handguard features a 4-way weaver rail system that allows tactical accessories to be attached on to your gun system while making your gun look more milsim. The RIS Universal Barrel handguard attaches to your barrel via 8 set screws that need to be adjusted careful for perfect alignment to your gun. The set screws will make contact on to your barrel so if you would like to protect it from the set screws it is suggested you wrap the areas around there with black electrical tape. Pick this up and get your gun looking more like the real thing!


  • Tactical Mod RIS Universal fit on to any .68 caliber paintball barrel 
  • Gives your marker a milsim appearance for all true milsim enthusiasts 
  • 4 way weaver rail system allows for tactical attachment to be installed like Red Dots, Lasers, Flashlights, Foregrip and Scopes
  • Black colour for a stealth ninja appearance
  • Length of the Handguard is 7 inches

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