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Tactical-Mod Ladder Rail Cover 4 Pack - Foliage Green

Model #: RS-574  
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These soft ladder rail covers are based on Ergo design rails which covers up your exposed rails to prevent scratches and dirt from building up in between the groves. They are at a length of 6 1/2" and can be easily cut down if your rails are shorter then that. The soft rails come in two different sets as the flat top rails are meant for the top and bottom of gun while the grooved are meant for the sides, this will give a subtle comfortable grip if you choose not to have any attachments on your shroud. Pick these up today and get your rails covered while looking more professional on the field!


  • Ladder Rail Covers offer basic protection on your rails against scratches and dirt build up
  • Easily attaches to the rail that makes installation seamless and fast
  • Gives you gun a professional and well taken care of look that people will respect
  • Grooved rail covers for different area of your shroud will act as a subtle form of protection
  • Black colour to help blend in with the colour of your gun or use it to make it stand out!

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