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Tactical-Mod Cyclone Tac-Cap - 50rd

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The Tactical-Mod cyclone Tac-Cap allows players to play limited ammo style of paintball while not having to pick up a mag fed paintball gun. The Tac Cap is a customizable tac cap that in total holds 50 rds of paintballs and as little as 30 rds by just removing each section of the tac cap. This is compatible with any Cyclone of Rip Clip loader and sits very low on the loader so it's out of the way if you aren't a player who shoots more then a handful of paintballs during a game! Pick this up and put it on your loader instantly.


  • Tac Cap loader for your Tippmann Cyclone Feed System or BT Rip Clip
  • Low Profile hopper/loader that makes your gun target profile smaller but sacrifices ammo capacity
  • Customizable sections that can be easily removed which allows a maximum capacity of 50rds down to 30rds!
  • Snap spring assisted lid allows for speedy loading

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