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Tactical-Mod 45 Degree Offset Sight Rail

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The Tactical-Mod 45 degree offset sight rail allows you to mount red dot sights and scopes on the side of your gun instead of the top of the gun. When playing paintball or airsoft with a mask it is sometimes difficult to look down the sights on top of the gun, by using this rail you can easily see look down without having to scratch your gun or mask! This rail mounts on weaver/picatinny while offering the same rail size at a 45-degree offset! Pick this up and use your scope more often for those headshots!


  • 45-degree offset weaver rail lets you look down your sights without having to worry about your mask getting in the way
  • Metal rail gives you a solid and durable mounting system
  • Dual screw rail mount for easy and fast installation


  • Length: 4 inch
  • Weight: 0.174 lbs

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