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Spyder MRX

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The Spyder MRX is a, .68 caliber magazine and hopper fed, tactical milsim marker. The Dual Loading System (DLS) allows the player to switch between magazine fed to hopper or vice versa by just a quick turn of the barrel. Magazine feed limited ammo style play is getting more popular every year in paintball due to its realistic appeal. The MRX magazine holds up to 10 rounds that is a spring fed system, this requires you to pre load the mags and wind the spring up to prime it. When you slap the magazine into the gun a spring release is triggered forcing the paintballs into the chamber making sure there's a paintball in there after each shot until the magazine is dry. The marker comes with an adjustable stock that allows for a longer or shorter platform, this will give you an instant accuracy boost instead of having to pick up a new stock. Using a stock gives the marker a milsim appearance but also creates a stable platform that allows the transfer of recoil to get absorbed into your shoulder, which means your next shot will be close to your first shot for ball on ball accuracy! The M16 Carry handle featured on the marker acts as another place to carry your gun from and helps complete the M16 look! Pick this up and get a inexpensive Magazine Fed marker that also allows for hoppers to be used!


  • Magazine fed M16 styled marker 
  • Magazine fed for a realistic scenario play 
  • Dual Loading System (DLS) allows the marker to be switched from Magazine to Hopper feed by a twist of the barrel for quick switches if you need to switch between the two
  • 10rd Spring fed magazine makes sure there's a paintball in the chamber after a shot is placed
  • Adjustable length stock increases accuracy for better recoil absorbtion to your shoulder when holstered
  • M16 Style Carry Handle to help complete the appearance and also built in iron sights to line up your shots
  • EKO Valve allows for 1600 shots per 20 co2 tank fill, for more shots on the field and less time refilling your tank
  • M16 Foregrip features a lower weaver rail for attachement of foregrips or tactical accessories
  • Matte Black Finish for Stealth look


  • Spyder MRX Marker
  • 10rd Magazine (1 only)
  • Spare Parts
  • Instruction Manual

**Note: Marker does not use standard Sypder threaded barrels and not compatible with any current threading other then it's own

Spyder MRX Upgrades and Accessories
Spyder External Parts
Check it Spyder Trigger 'sweetspot'
Check it Spyder Trigger 'sweetspot'
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Spyder MRX Feedneck Cover PlateSpyder MRX Feedneck Cover Plate
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Spyder First Strike Magazine - 9rdSpyder First Strike Magazine - 9rd
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Spyder MRX G2 Venturi Bolt
Spyder MRX G2 Venturi Bolt
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