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Spyder MR100 Pro Pack - Diamond Black

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The MR100 takes all the popular attributes of the previous MR-1 like the light weight appeal, easily upgradable, reliability and comfortable fore grip at a great intro price for all the new beginners out there. The MR100 has a new internal valve that is featured on the MR4 called the EKO Valve, this allows for players to get more shots out of their HPA or Co2 tanks (1,600 shots per 20oz Co2 tank!) meaning more time shooting and less time at the fill station. The tactical positioned side rails allow for attachements such as flash lights, lasers or red dots. The adjustable stock increases your accuracy by absorbing the recoil in to your shoulder making your next shot as accurate as the first. The stock can be adjusted to be longer or shorter depending on your preference. The new vertical center feed of the gun allows the paintballs to feed in easier and not be subjected to jaming issues if you are using a force feed hopper. Pick this up today for your first or tenth gun and you won't be disappointed in its performance on the field!

The MR100 Pro Pack is the perfect item for beginner players as it comes with all items you need to start playing paintballl; Gun, Mask, Loader & Tank. Perfect gift idea for the aspiring paintballer in your life!


  • New Spyder Tactical Gun that is both light weight and easy to operate
  • Great choice for any beginner or experienced player 
  • EKO Valve increases air efficiency for longer time playing on the field (1,600 shots per 20oz Co2 Tank)
  • Dual Finger Trigger helps increase the rate of fire by making the trigger pull with two fingers instead of one
  • Adjustable stock increases the rate of fire and also makes a more stable firing platform
  • Tool-less dissassembly for easy maintenance 
  • Vertical center feed marker design helps prevent jamming issues if using a force feed loader, and lessens the chance of the elbow breaking while playing in the heavy brush


  • MR100 Pro Paintball Gun
  • Single Lens Avant Goggle
  • 12oz Co2 Tank (Empty)
  • 200rd Gravit Fed Loader
  • Manual
  • Spare Parts Kit

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