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Spyder Hammer 7 - Black

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The Spyder Hammer 7 Paintball Pump marker is an affordable way for players to experience pump play, which can shoot either .68 caliber or Tiberius First Strike rounds. The pump marker can be fed either by magazine or hopper, you are able to switch between the two via a setscrew and twist of the barrel so that the breech opens up for the paintballs from the magazine or hopper. The pump action style of paintball has been feverishly growing over the years and now players can affordably give it a try with the Spyder Hammer 7. Pump paintball guns have been seen as being more accurate guns overall because each paintballs are not subjected to high force and agitation from fast bolt cycle and force fed hoppers which can cause misshapen balls getting through which can effect accuracy on a paintball gun! The Hammer 7 is able to use Tiberius First Strike rounds, these rounds fit easily in the magazine at 8 rounds but the magazine is also able to fit in the 9 rounds of 0.68 caliber paintballs, you can have separate magazines loaded for first strike and other magazines loaded and ready for regular paintballs depending on the style of play! Pick up this great gun and get shooting, become that long-range sniper with the Tiberius First Strike or accurately take out your opponents in medium range with regular paintballs!


  • Pump Action paintball gun for experience or new players who want to try a new style of play on the field
  • Tiberius First Strike ready paintball magazines lets player experience this new type of paintball round for long range shooting
  • Spyder Magazines compatible with both Tiberius First Strike Round and regular 0.68 caliber paintballs
  • Light weight marker allows players to easily maneuver around the field without worrying about it weighing you down
  • Hopper and Magazine fed marker, switch the feed mode around by loosening a set screw and a twist of the barrel


  • Spyder Hammer 7 Pump Action Paintball Gun
  • 9rd First Strike ready Spyder Magazine x 1
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Velocity Adjuster Rod

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