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Spyder Fenix - Diamond Black

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The Spyder Fenix is redesigned for the 2012 season! For people who don't know much about the Spyder Fenix, it was the company's flagship gun in previous years, as one of the most popular beginners' marker! The Fenix is redesigned cosmetically but also has new design features that will help increase the rate of fire, reduce the amount of paintball chopping and also achieve higher air efficiency meaning more shots per tank! The EKO Valve that was premiered in the Spyder MR4 made its way to the Fenix, allowing you to achieve 1600 shots per 20oz co2 tank fill! The "LEAP" circuit board gives players a rate of fire up to 25bps with 3 different firing modes (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M). Working along side the board is the Break Beam "Anti Chop System," making sure every paintball is positioned correctly before shooting reducing the amount of ball breaks and achieving more accurate shooting! The regulator has been overhauled with "SE Technology" that allows a fast recharge and consistent velocity, meaning accuracy will increase as the paintballs will always get the same amount of "push" as the last one! The last thing is the new "Saber" trigger, giving players a smooth and more natural trigger pull helping players reach up to 25bps. Pick up the Fenix for any beginner player, to get a slew of features and modes so they can keep up to anyone else on the field!


  • Redesigned 2012 Fenix houses new updated features and increased performance
  • 25 balls per second (BPS) fire rate allows you to rain a ton of paint down on your opponents
  • 1600 shots per 20oz Co2 tank fill means more time shooting and less time filling your tank
  • Anti Chop Eyes makes sure the paintball is perfectly positioned before firing, this leads to less time cleaning your gun and more accurate shooting
  • 9V Battery Operated electronic lasts up to 2000 - 2500 shots 
  •  3 Different Firing Modes (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M)
  • Operates on both Co2 or Compressed Air
  • Leap II Circuit Board 
  • Adjustable SE Technology regulator gives more consistent velocity which means more accurate shooting

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