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Spyder E-MR5

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The Spyder MR-5 gives paintball players an affordable way to get into the Tactical Milsim magazine fed world of paintball. The Tactical Milsim world are filled with players who are looking to try their hand at military operations on the field while playing Paintball, it's truly unique and definitely draws in a crowd! The Spyder MR-5 is a magazine fed marker that allows players to use either magazine clips or the hopper, simply twist the barrel and get a different style of play! The Spyder MR-5 magazines are 0.68 caliber and Tiberius First Strike round capable, using the First Strike rounds you are able to shooter farther and more accurately as many players will have a magazine filled with them while having a hopper full of 0.68 caliber paintballs. The marker has a M-16/AR-15 styling and also has rear cocking capabilities; this gives the player a more accurate feel of how a real rifle would feel especially at the cocking assembly. The stock included is adjustable in length; this allows players with different arm lengths to adjust accordingly so that they can have a good feel of the gun while giving them a more accurate gun while using a stock! Pick up the Spyder MR-5 and get playing milsim tactical paintball at your local paintball field!


  • Tactical Magazine Fed/Hopper Paintball Gun from Spyder Paintball
  • MR5 magazines allows for Tiberius First Strike rounds to be loaded or regular 0.68 caliber paintballs
  • Electronic Grip frame allows for several different modes to be selected: Semi-Auto, Full Automatic, 3 rd Burst & etc
  • AR-15/M16 milsim appearance gives that tactical look and feel on the paintball field
  • Rear cocking pull to start the gun up like a real fire arm helps complete the look
  • Twist the barrel to switch from magazine fed to hopper fed paintball gun
  • Modular 4 point Picatinny/Weaver rail on the shroud allows for tactical attachements like Sights, Foregrips, Flashlights & Lasers
  • Adjustable stock allows adjustments on length giving you a more comfortable feel to the overall gun and added accuracy with recoil absorption 

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