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Spyder Battery & Wall Charger Combo

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The Spyder battery and Wall Charger combo kit is a perfect item to keep with you to either replace or keep as a back up for dead batteries or ripped wall chargers. The Battery is a 9.6V 170mAh rechargable NiMh battery that last up to 1,000 charge cycles and last up to 5,000 shots. The Wall charger needs to be used with the Spyder E-Grip to charge the battery. Pick this up for back up or replacement!


  • Battery and Wall Charger Combo
  • 9.6V NiMh 170mAh Recharable Spyder Battery
  • 110V Wall charger
  • Replaces the stock Wall Charger and Battery

Note: Needs Spyder E-Grip to charge together with the Kit 


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