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Spyder Advance Electronic Trigger Frame

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Want to shoot faster then your trigger finger can pull? Pick up the Spyder Advance Electronic Trigger Frame to enable your MR5, MRX and MRX Elite to fire in several different firing modes powered by a 9.6V rechargeable battery. Your gun will be able to shoot in Semi, 3 Round burst, 6 round burst and full automatic by a push of a button! The easy to read coloured display will also tell you if you are running low on power so you don't go into a fight with a dead gun! Pick this up and get shooting faster and increase that kill count of yours on the field!


  • Turn your gun from a Spyder Rifle into a Machine Gun
  • Give yourself an array of different firing modes: Semi, 3 Round Burst, 6 Round Burst and Full automatic
  • Includes 9.6V Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Compatible Guns: MRX, MR5 and MRX Elite

**Note: If using on MRX and want to shoot FS rounds, you will need MRX G2 Venturi Bolt and Spyder FS Battle Barrel

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