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Special Ops MR2/MR3 commando stock

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Trick out your Spyder MR series marker with the newest additions from Special OPS Paintball!

The Spyder Commando Stock from Special OPS lets you lose that flimsy buttstock that comes with the MR Series markers and replace it with the Special OPS commando stock ( A5A2 Stock )!

The adapter is made from sturdy annodized aluminum, while the buttstock is made from super durable glass filled nylon. It's the same material most real firearms are made with today!

Free up your sightline and increase your time on target. Ergonomics are everything and the Commando buttstock started it all. Features a cut-out on the right side to allow for extra mask clearance.

The commando buttstock has been battle tested for over 4 years now in every corner of the globe practically. This is one of the best upgrades you can do to your Spyder MR Series marker!

Includes: Buttstock with adapter, and instructions for assembly. Very easy to assemble. Important: Spyder commando stock does not fit on the MR1

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