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Rap4 Grenade Launcher (short)

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The Rap4 Thunder Grenade Launcher is a US Army Alpha style that is both compact and lighter then all the other launchers. The Launcher is also simple and easy to use, push button latch release with a push button firing mechanism to operate all grenade types. Mounts on to rails that are RIS 20mm / 7/8" / Picatinny / Weaver. Pick this Grenade Launcher up now and get all the great benefits for having this on your marker without any of the weight!


  • Launch multiple paintballs at once with a push of a button
  • Easily slides out to load another shell in
  • Fits all Grenade Types
  • Push Button Safety to make sure no accidental discharges
  • Mounts on RIS 20mm / Picatinny / Weaver / 7/8" Rails
  • Matte Black Finish for stealth appearance or base for custom paint work

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