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PsiOps FxR Tippmann TiPX Kit - Intermediate

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** Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol is not included ** 

Looking to take your Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol from a secondary to a primary weapon? The PsiOps FxR kit will transform the pistol into a magazine fed rifle. The shroud system features a quad and top weaver rail, the perfect areas for mount foregrips, flash lights and scopes for that tactical appearance and advantage over other players! The precision 6061 T6 aluminum shroud will take the punishment while giving your gun that professional look that keeps your gun working just like new and protected. The adjustable stock allows you to adjust the length of the gun to make it more comfortable and absorb the recoil from each shot for accurate shooting! Pick up the PsiOps FXR Kit and turn that pistol into a milsim rifle!


  • The PsiOps Intermediate Kit will change your Tippmann TiPX from a pistol into your new primary fighting weapon!
  • Aluminum shroud creates a new look and feel to the paintball pistol while durable to take the punishment and lightweight to keep you mobile
  • Quad weaver rail on the shroud is the perfect place to attach flashlights, lasers and foregrips
  • Weaver rail along the top of the shroud system is the idea location to place sights and scopes!
  • Adjustable stock allows for customize feel of the paintball gun and helps transfer the recoil into your shoulder for accurate shooting
  • Rifled Barrel increases accurate dead on sniper shots 
  • Mock suppressor gives your gun that Tier 1 operator look and intimidates your opponents before the game even starts 


  • PsiOps FxR Shroud
  • PsiOps FxR Adjustable Stock
  • PsiOps TiPX Mounting Blocks
  • PsiOps TiPX ASA Remote Line Kit
  • Milsig Precision Rifled Barrel
  • Milsig Reversible Mock Suppressor
PsiOps FxR Tippmann TiPX Kit - Intermediate Upgrades and Accessories
MS2 Multi-Mission Sling - BlackMS2 Multi-Mission Sling - Black
PsiOps FxR Tippmann TiPX Kit - Intermediate Reviews

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