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Proto Switch Field Goggles

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The Proto Switch Goggle system is the perfect mask for any beginner to pick up with it's inexpensive price tag and full face solid protection. By using a one piece face mask that is solid gives a durable feel to the product and also a protective surface from paintballs. The single pane lense gives players a wide 250 degree range of vision and coated with anti fog protection. The quick 1/4 turn lense change system plays a big part of the mask as changing lenses can be done easily and quickly. Pick this mask up today and feel safe, protected also not limited on the playing view!


  • Great choice of mask for beginner players
  • One piece mask gives solid protection
  • 250 degree wide view of the playing field
  • Visor included
  • Entry Level Mask
  • One size fits all
  • Rental branded strap

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