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Proto Reflex14 Paintball Gun - PGA Electric Sunset

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The Proto Reflex14 has been updated with a better trigger and Dye on/off ASA airport. The Proto Reflex14 provides an affordable way for players to compete at a top level without breaking the bank. The marker uses the redefined Fuse Bolt system that allows players to get better air efficiency, getting 1200 shots out of a 68/4500 tank. The Fuse bolt is a screw together design that allows players to have easy removal with it's metal back cap. The adjustable Lockdown Feedneck using a Cam Lock system to help lock loaders in place securely and not have to worry about it coming loose at any time. The Ultralite 45 Frame gives a comfortable frame with dual density wrap around grips for comfort and grip. The Electronics of the marker gives players a Break Beam Eye system in the breech, preventing unnecessary chops and the circuit boards allow users 4 different tournament modes also capable shooting 25bps. The Self Cleaning Eye Pipe helps the Break Beam Eyes to keep clean if a paintball breaks within the breech as it pushes the paint towards the barrel system. With the updated Hyper3 regulator on the marker, you will see consistent performance. The Proto Reflex14 is one of the best "Bang for Buck" markers for all beginner or intermediate player skill levels. 


  • Proto Reflex14 Marker is an affordable Mid Level Marker that can compete at the top level
  • Marker Fuse Bolt allows players to achieve 25bps with great efficiency at 1200 shots per tank fill
  • Marker Operating Pressure at 140psi is soft and gentle on brittle paintballs
  • Lockdown Clamping Feedneck holds your loader securely and makes it feel like it's part of the gun
  • Ultralite 45 Frame gives a comfortable frame for when you hold on to the gun during shooting or running
  • Break Beam Eye System prevents paintball chops from happening
  • Circuit Board allows players to reach 25bps and gives 4 Different Tournament Modes
  • Colour Co-ordinated O-Ring system makes tech work a breeze and communication with technicians more simple
  • New Dye Reach Trigger adjustment system allows for players to customize the trigger the way they like it
  • Dye Ultralite Airport On/Off Bleed is a great compact asa that allows for easy removal of the tank safely
  • Dye Hyper3 Regulator gives precise increments or adjustments that gives a greater consistent performance with rubber grip for added traction
  • What beats watching a beautiful sunset, paintballs hitting your targets face that's what! Be a sunset and be electrifying!


  • Proto Reflex14 Marker 
  • 14" 2 Piece Proto Barrel
  • Proto Parts Kit
  • Allen Key Sets 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Proto Marker Case

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