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Proto Rail Paintball Gun - Orange Dust

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The Proto Rail is made for players for an affordable introductory road to their Paintball Hobby/Career. Using the same bolt as the Proto Reflex with Boost Technology that the Dye Matrix made famous, you will be able to shoot all brands and levels of paint that the Professionals get to enjoy without breaking in your marker. Operating pressures of 140psi allows the marker to be as gentle and consistent as possible with the stock Hyper3 inline regulator system. Still using the Ultra lite hour glass trigger frame but now in a affordable composite material, the Proto Rail allows users to experience what a high end marker will feel like without having to pay the high end price. Solid Feel, Solid Price, if you're unsure what to get to start out in paintball then don't look further then the Proto Rail.


  • Affordable High Performing entry level marker that allows players to be able to compete effectively
  • Boost Bolt technology allows players to shoot any grade of paint without sacrificing speed or efficiency
  • Composite 45 Ultralite Frame lets players have their hands fit comfortably to the marker for increased rate of fire on trigger
  • Hyper 3 inline Regulator comes stock giving a consistent pressure for a reliable and stable velocity at high rates of fire
  • Clamping Feedneck make sure your hopper doesn't fall and travel farther then you do
  • Anti-chop Break Beam eye systems helps prevent paintballs getting sliced in the Breech
  • 11" One Piece Autococker Threaded Proto Honed Barrel for great accuracy out of the box
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic, PSP, Millenium & Full Automatic


  • Proto Marker
  • 11" Proto One Piece Barrel
  • Parts Kit
  • Dye Slick Lube
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Manual

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