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Proto Rail/Reflex Billy Wing Upgrade Bolt Kit

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The Billy Wing bolt kit for the Proto Rail/Reflex marker allows your marker to work more efficiently and give you more air efficiency. The bolt is hand polished for a clean and smooth surface that will allow you to decrease the amount of pressure needed to operate the gun that gives you reduce kick/recoil for increased accuracy also increase air efficiency for more shots per tank fill! With the smoother surface this prevents bolt stick that can causes inconsistent velocities, this gives you better accuracy by allowing your gun to shoot the paintball with the same pressure every time. Pick this up today and have your Proto marker working even more efficient and faster!


  • Billy Wing Bolt Kit is a smooth hand polish bolt kit for your Proto Rail/Reflex
  • Reduces the amount of pressure needed to operate the gun for reduction of recoil
  • Increase your accuracy 
  • Prevents bolt stick for more consistent firing rates
  • Direct stock replacement for easy installation
  • Compatible with 2010 Rail/Reflex paintball guns

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