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Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun - Poison IV

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Planet Eclipse has revolutionized the Ego after 2 years from the Ego11/Ego-s, this allowed for 2 years of design and research to go into the gun by looking at each aspect of the gun to make major improvements. Traditionally Egos in general were very loud and generated a lot of kick, but they are always dependable working for you every time you pull it out. Planet Eclipse listened to the public on what they wanted to see go into the new Ego!

The Planet Eclipse Ego series of gun is a Poppet style marker, this means generally a stacked tube gun which operates off a bolt system and "ram" system. These have been found to be more reliable bolt systems due to their simple design, but often can be loud and have more recoil from every shot it takes compared to the spool valve design (Dye, GOG, Luxe). 

The Ego LV1 is finally released and provides players a wealth of features that will help you get to the podium while still retaining that legendary Planet Eclipse quality that has been established by the previous Ego series. The LV1 features an internal LPR, redesigned Zick3 Rammer system, streamlined hose system and new bolt system. 

Using an internal low pressure regulator (LPR) system the Ego LV1 is now more comfortable to hold and holster as more room for your hand is available, allowing you to make snappier shots for faster game play. The LPR itself was redesigned not just to fit internally but also operate at a lower pressure (65-80psi) that operates the rammer which cycles the bolt foward and back, with it being lower the bolt cycle is not softer which dramatically reduces the chances getting cracked when the bolt face hits it. 

The high-pressure regulator (HPR) system has been redesigned to be shorter, lower pressures and to be used with the new air transfer (AT) pipe system. The shorter regulator makes the gun have a tighter and smaller profile, this cuts down on the target area that your opponents can shoot at while making it more comfortable in your hands. The lower pressure (120-135psi) is more gentle on paintballs every time the gun shoots a paintball as the HPR primarily releases the air to propel the ball against your targets and when it can be lower it prevents the paintball from getting broken from higher pressures of air bursts and allows the gun to shoot any grades of paintball available! The new AT Pipe system gets rid of the traditional macroline system, this is a more streamlined air system that goes through the grip frame, trigger guard and into the HPR, while not being a true "hoseless" design this still allows for players to get a more streamlined gun appeal while still being able to have the gun apart while being aired up for easier time to fix your gun!

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is the next generation in the Poppet bolt style of guns, and will be definitely the must buy gun for any player that doesn't want to worry if their gun will work while getting the best performance out there!


  • Redesigned Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 boasts a wealth of features that will improve your game 
  • Redesign LPR operates at a lower pressure which will be softer on paintballs also helping the gun operate quieter
  • SL4 Regulator gives the gun it's consistent pressure output for accuracy and now operates lower to be more gentle on paintballs
  • Air Transfer (AT) pipe system makes the gun look more streamlined while still allowing users to have the gun aired up while the gun is taken apart for easy tech work
  • Soft face bolt system cups the paintball for a better seal and is soft on paintballs to reduce the chances of breaking the paintballs
  • Zick3 rammer system now comes with two rammers which can be easily swaped out for either high air efficiency for more shots per tank fill or low operating pressure for a quieter shot
  • Tool-less rammer cap makes the gun faster and easier to maintain 
  • Soft and comfortable rubber grip on the HPR gives player a grippy place to put their hands without having to worry about it slipping 
  • Electronic board functions allow the gun to be customized in every aspect to truely allow you to make the gun shoot the way you want it 
  • Various firing modes: Semi Automatic, Ramp Capped & Uncapped
  • Coloured LCD display quickly shows players the status on their gun if there is a problem 
  • Dual Roller bearing trigger for a smooth and fast pull allowing players to achieve high rates of fire easily
  • Clamping feedneck makes installing/removing a loader fast and easy so you can get out there fast or pack up because your ride just showed up!


  • Weight: 936 grams / 2.06lbs (includes 14.5" shaft4 barrel)
  • Length: 555 mm / 21.85" (includes 14.5" shaft4 barrel)
  • Height: 210 mm / 8.27"
  • Width: 27 mm / 1.06"
  • Electronics: Yes (Multicoloured LCD Display)
  • Battery: 9V (included)
  • Rate of Fire: 25bps+ (not confirmed)
  • Trigger: Adjustable magnetic return dual roller bearing
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic, Ramp capped and uncapped

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