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PeeGee Tactical Patch

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PeeGee is a patch now, and ready to be put on your jackets, camouflage, gear bags, vests or anything else you think you can put him on! The PeeGee patch is an embroidered logo that is made to withstand all the abuse you can dish out on him and take as many washing cycles from the washing machine. The paintball PeeGee patch can be sewn on directly for a permanent placement or the Velcro version can be stitched on if you don't want to put PeeGee through the wash. Pick these up and let players know who you want to shop with and give you more of a "badass" flare to your gear.


  • Light weight embroidered PeeGee Patch to show off who you shop with and make you look professional
  • Velcro/No Velcro configuration if you prefer to have PeeGee permanently there or not
  • Red Menacing eyes cause they look pretty cool and more agressive
  • Machine washable patch 
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" (Estimated)

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