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Paintballer: The Book

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Finally there is a piece of literature with gorgeous pictures that depicts tournament paintball from the early days in the woods to now the gigantic tournament leagues PSP, Millenium and NPPL. There are also terminology explanationss on words such as player positions, bunker names, paintball terms "10 seconds" and even tips on how to play your position better by providing some history on each part! Learn some history on how the game is played, useful tool to help explain to regular people about the game, coffee table book and also a great place to get autographs if you do meet some of the legendary pros listed at the back of the book!


  • Chronicle history of Paintball in 240 pages!
  • Explanation and history behind player positions on the field to help make you feel not like a newb the first time you go out
  • Paintball techniques explained such as "Snap Shooting" and more to help make the understanding of the terminology easier
  • Beautiful photographs depicting paintball from the early days in the woods to the big leagues like PSP, NPPL & Millenium Series
  • Well worth the price tag and still cheaper then any history textbook!

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