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On Target Tippmann 98 Barrel Kit

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These On Target Tippmann 98 Barrel set kit are the ideal product to use on Tippmann 98. Improves accuracy of the marker by giving it a nice clean bore barrel with a barrel sizing kit. The Barrel sizers allows a perfect paint to bore size match to insure a nice tight fit to insure perfect air distribution on the paint. Also the bore are coloured to help give users quickly see which bore size for what paintballs they are using.


  • Matte Black Finish on the barrel giving it the stealthy feel and look.
  • Smooth Bore Finish within the barrel giving each paintball a nice flow feel
  • Bore Sizer kit included lets each paintball have a nice tight fit insuring an accurate shot
  • Colour co-ordinated kit giving the player a easy glance to know which bore to use

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