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Ninja Regulator Rebuild Kit

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The Ninja Rebuild kit will keep your Ninja Regulator working like it's brand new! After years or heavy use your ninja regulator will start to degrade in performance, so to keep your ninja regulator performing the best it can or issues start to rise pick up the rebuild kit!


  • Internal replacement parts for Ninja Regulators
  • Compatible parts for Pro and Regular edition of the Ninja Regulator
  • Complete set of replacement parts that usually wear out


  • Regulator Piston x 1
  • Teflon O-Ring x 1
  • 1.8 Burst Disc (Black) x 1
  • Red Shims x 2
  • Silver Shims x 2
  • Bonnet Removal Tool x 1
  • Bonnet Set Screws x 2

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