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Ninja Push to Connect QD

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 Ninja Paintball releases their Push to Connect fitting or also known as "PTC" which acts as a slide check and a quick disconnect all in one piece. The Ninja PTC operates on having a fast motion on releasing the quick disconnect fitting with just a push and pull of the button even when the airline is aired up, you might hear it his and release the air in the fitting but it will not leak. This helps you cut some time if you need to switch it from gun to gun or just don't want to fiddle with small fittings when you are done for the day. These fittings are 1/8" NPT threaded and will work on all Ninja Remote lines and possibly others depending on your remote line brand. Pick this up and quickly install this on your remote line to get a fast disconnect with just the ease of pushing a button!


  • Speed up the time to change gun to gun or finishing off a round of paintball by pushing a button on the fitting
  • Quick Disconnect and slide check fitting all in one fitting
  • 1/8" NPT threaded to fit on all Ninja Remote lines and possibly other brands
  • Black Finish for a stealth appearance
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