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Ninja Pro HPA Regulator

CLEARANCE (once it's gone, it's gone!)
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The Ninja Pro Regulator is a new high performing regulator to be released by Ninja Paintball. The Pro Regulator features a new rotating bonnet system, this allows you to line up your regulator easily to any marker so your can avoid the annoying wrist digging fill nipples. The bonnet can be rotated even with air in your tank, making this regulator can be easily changed to match any gun on the fly with just needing to keep a simple allen key on hand. The regulator also features a 2nd generation SRT Piston, this gives the regulator a rapid recharge rate that virtually elimiates any chance of inconsistent pressure output that prevents a majority of accuracy problems. The ninja micro fill valve is shorter that gives a lower profile design to the paintball regulator that still works with any fill station but now helps keep your set up compact for increase mobility. The Pro Regulator is quad adjustable that can change it's output from 800psi, 700psi, 550psi and 450psi by removing the 3 shims that are pre-installed to the regulator, by adjusting the regulator pressure to match your gun this allows for more shots per tank fill. The Ninja Pro Regulator installs to any HPA tank on the current market and is easily be one of the most important upgrades to your entire set up to keep better accuracy and better air efficiency!


  • Swivel rotating bonnet allows the regulator to be set up how you like it on the gun to prevent fill nipples digging into your wrist
  • Micro Fill Valve gives the tank a more compact design for increase mobility around the field
  • Rotate bonnet without having to dissassemble it
  • Gen II SRT Piston gives your tank rapid recharge rates that virtually elimiates "shootdown" thus eliminates inaccurate shots by inconsistent marker velocity
  • Quad Adjustable from 4 different output pressures: 800psi, 700psi, 550psi & 450psi 
  • Made in the USA for high performance and reliability
  • Available for both 3000psi and 4500psi Tanks

**Note: Select regulator base on what tank you want to replace (Do not select 4500psi regulator for 3000psi pressure tank for safety)

**Note: Installation or replacing regulator should be done by certified airsmith with C1 training

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